About p a p e r m o t h

Hello and welcome to my little makeup blog, p a p e r m o t h. My name's Kim, and I'm a 26 year old Agricultural Biology graduate student and quite the arthropod enthusiast. When I'm not raising jumping spiders, photographing insects or fawning over my 20+ ornate box turtles, desert tortoises and a sulcata, I love to play video games, draw, read, watch an exhaustive amount of movies and TV shows and spend my weekends doing dumb shit with my boyfriend.

I created this blog for personal enjoyment and to share my enthusiasm for indie makeup and other little tidbits of my life. I'm definitely not the most devoted blogger, but I do what makes me happy and I hope that what I share is of some benefit to my lovely readers. Thank you for stopping by!

My sulcata, Sky.

Jumping spider, Phidippus octopunctatus