Monday, May 20, 2013

Tick:Tock Cosmetics Swatches

I've got some quick swatches from an affordable indie brand I've purchased samples from a while back, Tick:Tock Cosmetics. They're 100% cruelty free and all their products are vegan. Currently, thep formulate only mineral eyeshadows, an eyeshadow primer and black and white bases, but their selection and quality is pretty awesome! A few of the shades I have swatched below are presently on clearance, so if you're interested, now's a good time to grab them up at a reduced price! 


All swatches are done on top of Detrivore's Eyeshadow Primer and taken outside in natural light.

 My personal take on the shades:

Time Square - Shimmery dark silver
It's Only Forever - A really nice light taupe! The perfect blend of brown and grey with faint green shimmer.
Midlife Crisis -  Shimmery bright, hot pink. Very very intense, I'm kind of afraid of it, haha!
One Upon a Time - I adore these soft lavender shades. It has a pretty aqua sheen.
Tempus Fugit -  This shade is a pale silvery-blue, with a greenish shimmer throughout. It's not as dark as it is here on the swatch. It'd make a neat highlight color!
Frozen in Time -  My swatch sucks, this color is kind of a chameleon! It's a pale blue with aqua shimmer throughout, and in some lighting I swear I see a slight purple tinge to it too.

Stop... Zombie Time - A yellowish green, which I'm always gravitating to when I look for green eyeshadows. The name makes it extra awesome.
Oh-Nine Hundred - Another sort of limey green, a little darker than Stop.. Zombie Time.
Uroboros -  Medium green with copper shimmer. This one's my favorite of the greens I swatched.
The One That Got Away - Loooove this yellow, it's so pigmented! It has pretty contrasting pink shimmer.
Happy Hour -  A little more orange-toned than The One That Got Away, with a shimmery light blue interference. Another surprisingly pretty yellow!
Metronome - Pretty shimmery white. I can't say it's unique from the plethora of other shimmery white shadows I happen to own.

I love browsing their colors because their store is well organized and they have their own swatches of each shade and how it wears on the eyes. This is SO helpful. I really wish more indie brands took the time to do this, as it makes shopping quick and easy and I'm less likely to purchase a color that isn't entirely what I expected it to be.  I definitely want to purchase from them again!


Anonymous said...

Your swatches are gorgeous!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

pretty colors!

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