Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Not another indie mani dump!

Dear god help me, I've fallen down the indie polish hole and I can't stop buying. And I am SO, SO SORRY you guys have to see my nails in all their terrible glory. Seriously, I can never be a nail blogger. My nails are crap. But when I put on polish, I like to think they're actually kinda-sorta pretty, even for just a day before they chip away to oblivion during the rest of the week.

Welcome to round 2 of my glittery nail polish and mani palooza!

I did this mani a week or two ago using Orly Bon Bon (3 coats), Rainbow Polish Taffy and Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor (which I abuse far too much). It makes for some sweet pastel-y goodness!

I personally think that Orly Bon Bon is underappreciated. It's this wonderfully sheer, pastel purple color that really livens up my nails in a natural, understated way. Slap a little glitter on top and it's just all kinds of cute. It's one of my favorites from Orly!

I got Zoya Skylar! This polish has been a huge lemming of mine, and I finally got it! I grabbed it up with the gift box thingy along with Blaze and Aurora. I haven't done a mani with it yet, because THIS happened..

Hit Polish minis. They're unbearably cute and ALL THE GLITTER. I need more! I need help because I already bought more! (From L to R: Sunset Beach, Painted Desert, Light Show and Party in my Pocket).

So then I slapped Hit Polish Sunset Beach on top of Zoya Blaze. I've never worn red nail polish before, no lie. I just never liked the color. But now... holy amazeballs I'm sold.

Favorite manicure yet. Thanks for reading, guys! ^-^/ Let me know if you have any fun combinations I should try with the new glittery polishes I got!