Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Starboard Gems NOTD

I've been doing my nails more frequently these days. Kinda on a green kick atm, so today I wore an outfit to compliment my confetti green nails.

China Glaze Starboard and Milani Gems

Haha, had to include this picture cause it came out kinda cool. I put in magenta and red extensions in my hair today and I loved how it contrasted with my green shirt, which is a clusterf*ck of different colors and glitz. Anyway, CG's Starboard is simply an amazing green--it applies wonderfully and has a jelly finish, my absolute favorite!


Lillian Funny Face said...

Ahhh that is one beautiful manicure! I have Milani Gems and love it but haven't actually gotten around to using it, I must!

Kim said...

Lillian: Gasp, go try it! :D It's such a fun glitter polish, prolly my favorite out of all the ones I own. ^^ I bet it'd look awesome on dark blue or black polish.