Friday, May 13, 2011

Brazen Cosmetics - My impressions and swatches!

I've been kinda floundering around and trying out new indie cosmetic companies again. I still feel a bit off about not having a favorite go-to company to fulfill my sparkly-oriented needs like Aromaleigh used to, but that's because there's so many amazing new companies popping up!

Brazen Cosmetics is a familiar name in the indie blogosphere. Part of their appeal to me is that Sandi, the owner, is so interactive with her customers on their Facebook page. I recently had the opportunity to sample two eyeshadows during a welcoming promotion offered to those that hadn't tried anything from Brazen yet, and I loved what I received! So much so, I went right to their Etsy shop and ordered a nifty package deal consisting of 5 random eyeshadows and 5 random lip gloss pots to start off my collection.

All the goodies! Now, on to the swatches:

I was so happy to receive a full-size of Karma, the lovely purple shade. Buzzed has got to be the most beautiful deep, rich brown that I own now too. Twisted is also another favorite of mine, it's so opaque and complex with its black base and aqua sparkles. The jars come with sealed sifters, which is a total win in my book.

Now, I'm not a lippy-swatchy kind of person. I've never been crazy about lip products either, so one would wonder why I'd want to try out some random glosses. I don't know, I'm going through a weird phase, don't judge me! Anyway, while I find glosses in pots to be messy and cumbersome, these are amazingly well made to last. Burgundy or deeper berry shades like Conflict and Shimmy just don't compliment my super-tiny thin lips, but they are very beautiful. Conflict has this blue iridescence and Shimmy smells of rich chocolate. The ones I do enjoy wearing are Snow Queen (it's also minty, love!) and Muse, a bright opaque pink. These little jars of awesome arrive shrink-wrapped and therefore, totally spill-proof during transit.

Shimmy appears to have been a gift with purchase which was totally sweet. I also received a sample of one of their scents called Island Indulgence on a fabric petal. It's pretty nice, and something I'd consider trying out because it didn't give me a splitting headache (most perfumes or scented things do, unfortunately).

I'm really looking forward to their official shop's grand opening! I also plan on doing a look with their products real soon to enter in their contest on Facebook for fun and whatnot. Y'know, assuming I don't totally botch it..


Phyrra said...

Conflict and Muse are two shades I'd love :)

Heather said...

Gahhh why haven't I ordered yet! Karma looks amazing!

PrettyunDead(Kayla) said...

I must have Clarity, it's gorgeous! And I love their glosses, even though I also don't usually go for pots. I like to feel of them.

Annnd, I tagged you! Here's some fun!