Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dramaleigh [A Rant]

Too many people have passed into the "too fucking creepy" zone concerning Aromaleigh. One thing I have to admit--I am disgusted at what great lengths certain women have gone to spread lies and devalue a hard working, passionate woman to the point where it's come to this.

I'm generally informed about everything that's happened up to this point, and until now I've tried my best to keep my opinions to myself. However, I'm not happy to see others shift and pick through the trash to confirm what appears to be the truth and what wasn't to the extent that they did. I don't understand how anyone can just snoop through another person's very personal endeavors in order to document every little "he said, she said", factoid and miniscule detail to display for the public to scrutinize at their leisure.

I love everything about Aromaleigh and I care greatly about Miss K, her health, and her happiness. I wish all the best for her and her son. I don't care about all this nitpicking and finger-pointing and who's winning the Biggest Bitch Award for all of this mess. When it all boils down, none of this is helping anyone and only spreads more negative feelings and heartache. I think Kristen's had enough of that, and I think she's made the wisest choice out of all of us at this point.

Gotta move on.


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I agree with you. It's unfair that people were mean, but being mean right back doesn't fix things. If you can't say something nice...
you're probably not trying hard enough.