Friday, June 25, 2010

Aromaleigh's Lost in Faerie Collection Review and Swatches~

Hey guys! I'm super happy to have the opportunity of trying out Aromaleigh's Lost in Faerie Collection today. This collection is simply gorgeous... the colors are light and playful and full of multi-colored sparkle. There are a few very interesting bright mattes as well, accentuated with rainbow or contrasting sparks.

Aaah, the sun around here is just so harsh for taking good swatch pics, but here we are! I think I may attempt it again tomorrow as we'll get some cloud cover for a change. Just keep in mind these shadows have lovely multi-dimensional shimmer.

From left to right:

Celinette, Erlina, Elodie, Naida,
Liriope, Caelia, Olinda, Loxy

Celinette and Erlina have plenty of multi-dimensional sparkle, I promise! My camera's just not picking it up...

From left to right:

Calista, Trixy, Sorette, Zanna,
Meliora (?), Meliora (?), Annysia, Ellette

Two of the samples I got were labeled with the same name, whoops!

From left to right:

Emerenta, Luella, Rosina, Elysia
Donella, Alina, Xylia, Pherenice,
Eglantine (middle)

And also, here's an EOTD using Elodie (main lid color), Emerenta (outer lid), and Rosina (highlight). I think it shows the complexity of the shadows somewhat better..

My favorites from this collection are Elodie, Meliora (the yellow-orange one) and Emerenta. I am really loving the rainbow of sparkles and shimmer these eyeshadows possess. Who else is looking forward to this limited edition collection from Aromaleigh? ^^


Marcey said...

Your swatches are the best I've seen in terms of helping me decide on color choices. And the eye look is gorgeous - I'll have to try it.

Lillian Funny Face said...

They are beautiful. I love Naida. Great swatches!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

You can see the multi colour sparkles in Elodie! I love it!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Such summery eye shadow swatches! Those colors are super pretty! And your make-up, like always, looks cute!

Kim said...

Marcey: Glad I could help! ^^

Lillian: Thankies! :3

Bunny: Elodie is looovely. That one's going to be a full size order for me.

Anastacia: Thank you, you're too sweet! ^^

Nicol said...

colourful arm ;)
beautiful look :)

SilhouetteScreams said...

The colour combo in your EOTD is just divine :3 really pretty

BLIX said...

Thanks for swatching these! Your EOTD is very pretty too.

Anonymous said...

Amazing swatch peechurs :) lust..