Thursday, February 25, 2010


So I guess it's safe to say that I have another budding addiction-- nail polish. Here's my nail polish collection as it stands right now: I have a little over 50 for sure, but I'm not going to count. :X

There's just something about glittery polishes that compels me to buy them. Some are awesome, some are downright tacky, but I don't discriminate. They satisfy my "ooh, shiny~" impulses and give me something to look at when I'm in class, staring at my finger tips instead of paying attention to statistic lectures.

Browsing Ebay today, I stumbled across this polish: Revlon's Street Wear Confetti. It's one of those elusive polishes, as many from that line are discontinued and really tough to find.

I shamelessly ganked this image from the seller; I did NOT photograph this. You can check out the listing for this polish here.

BUT ANYWAY. Ohgod, I'm not sure if it'd look gaudy but I just love those confetti shapes! Too bad its bid is already over flippin' $13 with shipping. Looking at how much one of these sold for on Ebay very recently, it damn near reached $50 bucks!

Ever discover an amazing beauty product, only to find that owning it would be damn near impossible?


Lillian Funny Face said...

Oh wow, you've got an amazing collection, i'm jealous! And that Revlon polish is amazing, how annoying that it's so pricey!

Manda said...

Nail polish has been on my brain for a few weeks. I'm conflicted on what color(s?) to get because I'm pretty sure I'll use it once or twice and then never again. So I'm treating it like a long-term goal/plan. haha

Love your blog. Who knew you were so girly ;)

Heather / Eyeconic said...

I've totally been getting in on the nail craze lately, it's all the damn polish blogs I read! I actually have a little box for untried polishes now cus I've been buying so many! That is about the coolest nail polish I have EVER seen. It reminds me of this:

Nicol said...

those are a lot of varnishes! and a wide range of colours too :)

Kim said...

Lillian: Aw thank you! What's scary is I never noticed it even got that big.. I used to just toss them in this plastic bin. D: I'm still stalking that Revlon polish.. I'm terrible. :/

Manda: Well if you're ever curious, there's a WEALTH of nail blogs out there that showcase every color imaginable.

And thanks, I'm happy you like it! :D

Heather: Wow! I just have a few untried polishes, but that's because I only change mine every two weeks or so.

And omg that link you sent is awesome. I so ought to make my own! *__*

Citrine said...

The china glaze ones are so pretty...and your collection is so neat, mine (makeup/nail polishes) are scattered everywhere...