Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not cooky about Kookie

I like mattes. I like--no, LOVE Aromaleigh.

But I don't know what the hell happened when I was getting ready for work today. Whipping through my set of Aromaleigh Retro Hi-Fi Mattes samples, I pulled out Kookie and concluded that I'd try a pink look today, paired with maybe Aromaleigh's Eggplant or Shadow Witch or some kind of deep purple...

I primed my lids with MAC Soft Ochre, patted on Kookie, described as "The girliest cool pink ever. Poodle skirts all the way." Girly cool pink? Gotcha!

I pat on the shadow across my lid with my brush, and as I begin to lightly blend I watched in silent horror as it transformed into a smooth cast of white.

What the flip? What is this? Damn you Kookie, you promised me girly pink!

I had no idea what to do. I was gunna be late for work, so I threw on Fyrinnae's Kitten in Heels along my crease and blended into the white so I had a pink gradient going. So yeah, the pink you're seeing there is NOT Kookie.

I don't know what happened; does anyone else have this problem with the lighter colors in this collection? Or is my application method all wrong?


Sagu said...

I ordered samples from their Hifi Mattes Collection a couple of days ago, including Kookie. I'll write a post about them when they arrive, I hope there's nothing wrong with Kookie. :o

witoxicity said...

The end result did turn out great, I must say! :)

Lisa Kate said...

I noticed that the more I blended Kookie the more it turned white. Not sure why! Maybe its cause we're pale?

You still look totally fabulous though!

Heather said...

I have 3 or 4 of the matte colors, I'll swatch them and see what happens.

Kim said...

Sagu: I'll be looking forward to it then. :D Maybe it's just that particular color that's a bit off, lol.

Wit: Thank you! I just got lucky though, those mattes blend wonderfully with other colors. I've NEVER done a look with a white lid before, so it was an interesting change.

Lisa Kate: Thankies! I'm wondering if it's the base though.. maybe something tackier would sort of keep the pink for blending to white?

Heather: That would be awesome! I'm too much in a rush in the mornings so I haven't tried another matte from that collection yet. Let me know how that goes. :3

Heather said...

I tagged you in my blog :)

ps, I'm about to go test my matte swatched right now!

Heather said...

Ok, so I tried out my 3 Aromaleigh mattes: big tickle, cat's pajamas, and train wreck. Big tickle is like a light blue, and it did start turning white when I blended it. The other 2 are both orangey-reds, and they were fine. Maybe it's just the lighter shades?