Friday, January 15, 2010

Bye bye About Face

So I found out yesterday that The She Space is renovating shop. Like, big time. About Face Cosmetics has officially been discontinued. As a result, full size eyeshadows are now $2.50 each, making it the best and last chance to stock up on or try new colors from this lovely company at a super discounted price.

I made a small order of a few colors I've enjoyed full-sized (Kitty Kat, Hot Cha-Cha and Wasted Space) as well as a few samples from their Astrology collection. I'm a little surprised still to see About Face phasing itself out like this, but it's for the best in regards to Heather (the owner) and the message she truly wants her company to reflect.

Anyone complementing their potentially last order from this company? I know it took me a while, haha.

1 comment:

Heather said...

I used to really like TSS, but I'm not a big fan anymore. Even so, there are a few colors I really like, so I might get a couple since they're so cheap.