Monday, December 21, 2009

Birthday woes, Geo Nudy Gray and Milani's Totally Cool

...Sort of a screwed up title, isn't it? I don't really know what to say. My birthday was a while back (December 1st) and I am now officially 24. Ugh.

Before you roll your eyes (as it will be inevitable by the time you've read this mini-rant), lemmie tell ya something. I've hated birthdays since I hit 20. I've got a bit of a "Peter Pan" syndrome and can't stand getting older. I've been in a midlife crisis since I grew out of being a teen, haha. I've always thought that by the time I hit 30 I should have all my shit in order or something. This past year, I've been mildly disturbed distressed surprised to see some of my friends already married and some already on their way to having their first kid. Holy hell. Is that where I should be at this age? What an intimidating feeling... I guess some people just grow up early..

Anyway, I may hate birthdays but even someone with a skewered outlook at life like myself loves to get presents, like this one:

Welcome home, Urban Decay Book of Shadows numero dos! It is in every respect as gorgeous as I expected it to be, but alas, we have not had much time to get very acquainted. I blame finals. :<

I've also neglected to mention that I like circle lenses but have never really blogged about 'em. I only own one pair right now, and that's the Geo Nudy lenses in Gray.

This is my impression of a bug! :D

I'm kiddiiiiing. They're very flattering lenses! The first time I wore them I experienced some discomfort, but after that I had little problems adjusting to them. I don't wear them daily... maybe once a week, if that. They help distract from the dark circles I have under my eyes, which are somewhat distinct here because I'm not wearing any foundation.

I love the way they reflect light--very doll like. Also, I've been trying out a new foundation from Earthen Glow Minerals and I think Emily's a good match. I like the Youthful Glow formulation because I prefer a lighter coverage that's enough to just even out my skintone. It doesn't make the dry parts of my skin flaky either, but I seem to get kind of oily around my T-zone more than I do wearing other foundations, baw. I'll see what I can find that'll help remedy that, because this is really close to being a HG cold season foundation for me. ^-^

Last but not least, is this not the most awesome looking purple nail polish ever?

Milani's Totally Cool. Forgive it for its stupid name. It has an interesting blue-toned jelly base despite being predominantly dark purple and you need 3 coats before it's opaque and not streaky-looking in direct sunlight (realized this the hard way, hence why I lack nail pics). I love this color to death. Love love the color-shifting shimmers. Love. When you find it, get it. Cherish it. Never let it go. Your life is incomplete until you have this damn polish. Am I getting redundant yet? Why are you still reading this.. T__T


Sofie said...

So nice to see you posting again! ^^ And I totally envy you for owning UD book of shadows ;_; It's hard to find UD in sweden..

And yes I do art trades when I have time ^^

witoxicity said...

Whether you dislike birthdays or not, you gotta love the UD present. Oh, I wish I had one of those too! :)

Citrine said...

I saw that bug book in the library as well!