Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Catching up!

Hello dear readers! I've been a ghost again; college has been really demanding the past few weeks. So what the heck have I been up to besides cramming for exams and writing up term papers?

First and foremost, I won my first giveaway, courtesy of Nea from Fashioned in Finland:

Yay for foreign free things! Nea sent me an assortment of asian products and samples such as face masks, a mascara shield, eyeshadow and perfume. ^_^ Thanks again Nea!

Also, just the other day it was time for me to get my license renewed. Finally, the opportunity came for me to finally be rid of that photo of my awkward, 16-year-old self with short crimped hair and that "I'm high as a kite" smile. Trust me, it's godawful.

So what are some helpful tips in taking a good drivers license photo?

1. Wear something that doesn't make you blend into that blinding blue backdrop they use for your photo. Also, make sure you're not wearing a tube top unless you're chill with looking nude.

2. Don't get too nuts with the makeup. Everything in moderation! However, since the place I go to takes photos that makes people look 4 shades darker than they really are, I wore a lighter foundation. Watch, this will probably bite me in the ass when I get my new license and I'll end up looking like something that crawled out of Twilight..

3. Perfect your smile and posture. You know how it goes, people tend to look 10 pounds heavier than they really are in their photo. To slim your frame, stand straight and pull your shoulders back. Lift your head slightly, this will lengthen your neck. The Myspace pose won't cut it here.

4. Don't blink. A good way to prevent this is to close your eyes a few seconds right before the shot is taken.

5. Of course, if you don't get a chance to pose properly and smile before the photo is shot... pray to whatever god/deity/saint you believe in that you'll get lucky this time. But if that wasn't the case... congratulations! You are now the proud owner of an embarrassing drivers license photo like everyone else. :D

Despite my skin being dry and irritable, I went all out with my little makeover in preparation for my shiny new photo. I wore Charmzone's Natural Skinmade B.B Cream, and while it evened out my skintone and neutralized the redness on my cheeks.. my skin just did not like it that day. Phooey. Ah well, I'm sure the camera won't pick up the fact that my skin's as dry as the Sahara...

Aaaand my nails! They're a nice dark green at the moment with multicolor glitter. I used Wet'n Wild's Craze nail polish in Morbid as a base (terrible color.. I was hoping it would be a dark smoky teal but after applying it, it looked dull and gray) followed by Sinful Color's San Francisco and lastly, a glitter by Wet 'n Wild called Starry Night.


Tamara said...

Damn, you're so right. Driver's license picture are always embarassing. Mine is terrible. No make up, oily skin/hair, annoyed face.

It was taken during the hottest weather ever. And I hate summer just for the hot weather. Mannn.... xD

Btw, what are those scisors? They look interesting.. o.O

Jian said...

OH DEAR GOD. My driving license picture and passport photo are HIDEOUS.

I blame English photobooths! Instead of being white, the background is this kind of grey, and makes the skin a few shades darker (as you said), but not in a nice way. It makes me look this nasty yellow-grey!

Also, in the UK, you're not allowed to smile for official photos. Result = miserable looking prison-style MUGSHOT.

I won't need mine renewing for a while, but thanks for the tips anyway. =_=

Kim said...

Tamara: I've had the same horrific photo for 8 years, and yeah, also taken when it was terribly hot.. I think I might even have had a sunburn a the time, haha!

The scissors are actually a little eyebrow trimmer. ^-^ Pretty nifty gadget but I don't really trim mine.

Jian: Oh no, I had no idea the UK was so strict about that! You have a good excuse if it comes out bad at least~ :D

Citrine said...

I wanted to get that mascara shield and scissors as well but my mom kept ignoring me/switching topic whenever I tell her what I want over the phone.

The Canadian passport Bureau has the same no-smile policy aw well(well,I guess the common wealth all do the same thing as UK)...since my passport happen to expire during winter (when my lips get very red and swollen) I look pissed in all of my passport photos...

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

Hope you like the package :)

I tried those scissors (I bought same products for me too) and after that my brows looked quite funny ;)

audrey said...

so pretty^^

lipstick cherry said...

hey hun im having a blog sale. feel free to check it out! thanks a bunch!

Vanilla said...

yeahh i know rightt,all driver license photo MUST look ugly !
btw i read ur comment in heather's post bout high school,geezz SWAT and heli??just like action movie
PS: i blogged too much iwas gonna say SWAP instead of SWAT