Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bella Pierre Mineral Eyeshadows

So here's my growing collection of mineral eyeshadows by Bella Pierre Cosmetics. This is an internationally known natural makeup company, and a fairly reasonably priced one at that if you take advantage of sales. The smaller shadow pots contain 1.76 grams of product, and I believe I bought those for around $9 each at our local outlet mall. Recently, I also got ahold of three of their eyeshadows that were housed in bigger pots, containing 2.35 grams of product. They were $15 each originally, but they had a buy two get one free sale that made these a good bargain, imo. ^_^ Swatches, anyone?

But of course. ♥ Granted, not the best I could do because it's been pretty cloudy these past few days and so the colors aren't as vivid as they ought to be in this photo. Every one of these shadows are highly pigmented and blend awesomely. Coral Reef is a great warm-toned, shimmery lid color for some of my most favorite looks. I pair it frequently with Whesek (a blue-toned steely silver) and Refined (blackened, shimmery navy blue). Reluctance looks like a taupe in some lighting but is definitely more on the green side. Fancy is a pretty neutral brown with glimmers of silver throughout. They're really great shades and I can pull off a lot of looks with just the five that I own.

I haven't tried their other face products yet, but their mineral blushes look very lovely. Has anyone else tried this brand? What are your thoughts? ^^


Amanda K said...

Those colors look lovely!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

There is such amazing colors! So nice shades!