Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NYX and purple lipstick swatches

Hokie dokie, now this is something you won't see me do often, if ever again. Swatching lipsticks, haha. It's not that I don't like to, it's just that I never use any. But for the sake of having some (for god knows what event), I had bought some NYX Round Lipsticks a few months ago. They're super creamy, pigmented, CHEAP, and NYX has so many colors it's kind of mindboggling..

So here's my very (and I mean very) humble collection of lippies, swatched in shade AND in sunlight, ohsnap! From left to right: Iris, Honey, Margarita and Doll.

In shade:

In sunlight:

And purple lippies? They're a little harder to find, but they do indeed exist! Granted I'd never wear this color on my lips, but my mom's a total BA and somehow makes the color work on her (and she's over 60). That just goes to show you that purple lipstick can be pretty awesome if you know how to rock it! Below are swatches of two NYX Round Lipsticks in Eggplant and Medussa (I spelt it wrong in the first photo, go me!), and Stargazer Lipstick #133.

In shade:

In sunlight:

The Stargazer purple lippie makes me a little sad. First of all, it smells like old crayons. Secondly, it's formula is just not as creamy compared to the NYX brand and it just kinda smudged around on my arm when I was trying to swatch it. It's a pretty cool-toned purple color and it can be utilized effectively with some effort.. but ew. No likey.

Also, if anyone knows of a dupe lipstick shade of Lancome's Rouge Sensation lipstick in Damsel, do tell me! One of the main reasons I even give lippies a second glance-over is because I love hunting for new products to replace my dear mum's discontinued beauty products. It's a dark rosey-plum shade.. pretty hard to describe and I can't really supply a swatch. :<


Anonymous said...

wow... you have numerous nyx lipsticks collection...

i am now thinking of having an eggplant lipstick shade...

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

Those swatches are gorgeous!! I love them all!!


gracie said...

wow.. nice lipstick! I love them..

anyways, I followed you.. hope you followed mine too

Diane said...

NYX lipsticks are usually too bright on me but Honey and Iris look great, I think I'm going to try those out. Thanks for the great swatches!

Kim said...

Gracie: Heya, welcome to my humble little blog. Thanks for the add, I followed you also ^-^

Diane: They are! I was really suprised with how pigmented Doll was, haha. Honey's a great nude color if you have warm/yellow toned skin and Iris is pretty too, but very shimmery which is a little hard to tell from the swatches.

Miss Neesh said...

Margarita looks quite nice! I only wish we could get testers of them in Australia... I got NYX's strawberry milk online without being able to test it and it's wayyyyyy too light for me.

Thanks for the swatches - the NYX website makes it so difficult to tell what the colours are actually like!

Your newest follower

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Just OMG! it's so beautiful! All of 'em looks totally nice at sunlight!

Lisa said...

Referring to your post below...

You're so lucky to get that whole set for $13! I'm so jealous ;)

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Thank you so much for your time!
- Lisa