Monday, July 6, 2009

Kat Von D Gypsy Palette

Yay, so a while ago my Kat Von D Gypsy palette arrived! Been super excited to get this one, as I love a palette with a lot of green! Pretty pretty pretty~ And just look at the case design~

Pure win, yes? You're darn right it is.

I snagged the palette for about $26 on Ebay, and it came with a nice little extra, a body shimmer by Caboodles. The applicator has a brush to dust the shimmers on, and it actually works pretty nicely. Someting nice to have around for sure. ^^

Anyway, the names of the colors are pretty nifty in their own right too. From left to right the colors are Lucifer, Stryker, Frankie, Hawkwind, Brass Knuckles (which is a shimmery yellow cream eyeshadow) Birdcage, Ego Sum, and Gunner.

No swatches unfortunately, as I figured a photo of how they applied on my eyelids would suffice. Well.. honestly? Shortly afterwards I accidently dropped the darn thing and cracked Gunner, so I was bawwing over that and didn't want to push my luck anymore. >_>; And what's even more sad was a week before THAT, I dropped my quad I got from PaintFX and it shattered ALL OVER my bathroom floor. Fuuuuu--anyway, back on topic.

I'm really impressed with what I was able to do with this palette. The greens are INTENSE. I achieved this look using Brass Knuckles as a base and using the other greens to blend a gradient across my eye. I also used a little of Lucifer to smoke out the outer edges a little. Hawkwind makes an excellent iridescent yellow-green highlighter to blend everything together and highlight the browbone.

Superb palette... probably my most favorite one that I own now, haha. It pops up on Ebay on occasion for cheaper than you'll find it on Sephora (where it sells for $36), so look out for a good deal there if at all possible. ^^


Cris said...

Nice ;D! Not sure whether these are available in Europe, but if I see any, I may get them :-P...

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Sofie said...

Such a lovely greens! You look gorgeous! ^^