Thursday, June 11, 2009

Paint Fx Cosmetics

Amazing, I have over 10 followers! ^_^ Thanks guys, I really appreciate that you all visit to read my blogs and leave me comments. Starting this blog has turned out to be a really enjoyable pasttime for me, and I look forward to entertaining you all with more of my little makeup discoveries.

So it's been a few days weeks... and my order from PaintFX Cosmetics arrived! I thought since I've been seeing some blogs doing reviews on iridescent eyeshadows, I'd jump the bandwagon I missed weeks ago and talk about a quad of really pretty iridescent eyeshadows that I came across.

What a cute little mirrored compact! Mine arrived with four pressed iridescent eyeshadow hues in blue, red, purple and green. On the website however, the photo of the compact shows a yellow iridescent shadow instead of a purple one that comes with the quad. I think I would have preferred getting the yellow shadow instead of the purple or green (so I'd have three primary colors), but it's still a very useful quad. For only $12.50, it's a great bargain.

The shadows have a shimmery/frosty finish and apply very smoothly. This photo isn't the best representation of the shades because it was cloudy out and I didn't have enough light to really show off their brilliance.

Aaaaand the rest of the haul, which consists of three other mica pigments that came in cute little paint jars. Clever! The primer and pigment sample were free extras. I need to get around to testing out the primer...

Of course, I made swatches. Again, please forgive the lighting! Left to right are the colors Savage, Mortalous, Graze and Prosperous. I really love Graze, it's a stormy blue colored matte base with subtle pink, purple and blue shimmers. Prosperous looks poopy in the photo, but it's really a very pretty shimmery golden-mustard pigment. Yeah, I'm completely unorthodox with my color descriptions sometimes.. ;X

Till next time ladies, have a good weekend~!


Sammiebbz * said...

o wow love the compact! :O love everythink you goot :) xoox n congrats on 10 followers many more to come ay :)

✿Ji✿ said...

Aww the shadows look really pretty!♥

Kim said...

Thanks Sammie, haha. I'm looking forward to hitting another benchmark! ^-^

Ji- They're so much prettier in person! I've been on a mineral binge lately, gotta get back into pressed shadows again.

my_makeup_mania said...

I like all your eye shadows! They are soooo pretty!

Lucía said...

I love paint cosmetics!!!