Monday, May 18, 2009

An introduction~

Hello and welcome to my brand spankin' new blog! My name is Kim, I'm presently 23 years old and a university student with unsurprisingly too much free time on my hands. Oh, and I have this little obsession with makeup--but let's just call it a hobby, shall we? I'm primarily a bit of an eyeshadow junkie, though nail polish and other lovelies occasionally perk my interests. Outside of my blossoming makeup obsession, I'm an insect and turtle/tortoise enthusiast as well as a huge nerd when it comes to music, movies, art and video games.

I made this blog so that I could better keep track of the dozens of makeup blogs I'm a regular reader of. This way, I won't feel like such a lurker/stranger to you all. ^^ I'll also make an effort to contribute my own findings and swatches when I can, so feel free to follow me if you like. Thanks for dropping by! ^-^/

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